Pearls of the kimberley

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Jewellery with individually handcrafted Bohemian Glass Beads and cultured South Sea Pearls

Our Story

Based in Broome, Western Australia, Pearls & Boheme curates an exquisite collection of Australian and Tahitian South Sea Pearls, combined with the finest gold or Bohemian glass beads. It is a truly stunning collection of contemporary Australian jewellery. We select the finest South Sea Pearls for the uniquely designed pieces in our South Sea Pearl range.

Our Pearls

Our South Sea Pearl Range features the most stunning pearls from the pristine waters of coastlines along Australia and Tahiti (black pearls). Renown for their ‘orient’ – a result of their unmatchable lustre and unique display of colours. 

Australian South Sea Pearls are a natural gem. Our Australian South Sea Pearls are cultured in the Pinctada Maxima Oyster shell in the pristine waters of Australia’s north western coastline. These pearls are formed over 2 years using modern pearling techniques to produce the finest quality of pearls. Over these years, the oyster coats a nucleus with ‘nacre’ – which forms the revered natural lustre of an Australian South Sea pearl. 

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